Computer Administration and Technical College has 6 branches in the following areas:

1. Braamfontein Campus
2. Pretoria Campus
3. Vanderbijl Park Campus
4.Cape Town Campus
5. Durban Campus
6. Bela Bela Campus

Each branch is committed in delivering quality service with the aim of achieving the vision of CAT College. C.A.T College branches are located at secure and clean environments.


1. Prospective learners can register online via our website www.catcollege.co.za
2. Career guidance to prospective learners takes place before registration on site.
3. Bursaries and discounts are offered throughout CAT branches.
4. Once enrolled at C.A.T College learners are strictly bound by the rules and regulations of the institution. If a student
    withdraws, he/she is liable to pay 10% of the total fee and R500 administration fee subject to authorization from the Senior
    Director which must be done one week prior to the commencement of the course.


C.A.T College has a suitable academic calendar that deals with lecturing of Computer, Administration, Health Science and Engineering Studies which are accredited by various recognized bodies. The College also offers entertainment activities (music & dance; sports, debate, culture & Arts). Currently C.A.T College language of instruction is English. All our branches are equipped with Libraries and Computer Laboratories (with internet). Small classrooms and supportive classes always available.


On completion of studies, C.A.T College assist with job placement through its recruitment agencies such as:

• Infosource
• Adisoft
• Puseletso Business & Educational Enrolment

  • Follows us our servcies